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Who We Are

DetaiBio is an evolving custom service provider located in Nanjing, China, offering one-stop services for protein and antibody discovery, research, development and production. As a reliable partner for researchers in basic life sciences and early-stage biomedical development, our high-quality research and development teams of DetaiBio specialize in the research and development of high-quality biological agents such as genes, proteins, antibodies, diagnostic reagents, etc., striving to bring our esteemed customers the finest services at highly competitive prices.

Our Services

The value and convenience custom services offered by DetaiBio include recombinant protein production, protein purification, antigen design assistance, antibody production, recombinant antibody expression, protein/antibody conjugation, and protein-protein interaction analysis. To learn more detailed information, please visit our service pages regarding these services.

Why DetaiBio?

At DetaiBio, our research team and scientists have carried out over 2,000 recombinant proteins and antibodies. Due to our attention in innovation, services and details, the proteins and antibodies provided by DetaiBio are rigorously tested for high-quality at competitive prices, which has became an essential factor in achieving our favorable reputation in the market.

  • Professional team: We have organized a experienced and high skilled team. The team leader has been pursuing the development of the field of protein and antibody for decades.
  • Rich experience: DetaiBio has perfectly completed a wide range of custom projects, including antibodies, cytokines, enzymes, growth factors, hormones, receptors, transcription factors, etc.
  • Scientific expertise: With the years experience of diversified projects, our teams of various background have a broad knowledge base and a solid know-how.
  • Highly-customized solutions: We offer our services with a combination of expertise, capabilities, flexibility and quality, which perfectly suit to a diversity of needs.

Certificates and Publications

DetaiBio has provided high-quality service to numerous customers. A long list of papers and patent applications have been published in peer-reviewed journals with services from DetaiBio.

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