Bacterial System Protein Expression – Guaranteed Service Package


DetaiBio provides E.coli guaranteed protein expression service. You only needs to provide the gene or protein sequence of target protein and DetaiBio will deliver the agreed quantity and purity of target protein according to contract. If unsuccessful, we will not charge any fees (including gene synthesis).

Service Highlights

  • Guaranteed service:?No protein delivery No charge
  • Guaranteed yield: 3-5 mg purified protein.
  • Guaranteed purity: >90% protein purity.
  • Full additional service: including?endotoxin removal,?tag removal,?13C &?15N labeling, protein
  • biotinylation, and?large scale production.

Service Content

Cat Service Content Deliverable Price
Gene Synthesis and Subcloning Codon optimization and gene synthesis
  • Cloning Vector
  • 3-5 Mg Soluble Protein With Purity >90%
  • Project Process Report
  • Qc Report
  • Gene Report
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Transformation and Expression Optimization The constructed expression plasmid was transformed into E. coli
Test and optimize the expression conditions
Pilot-Scale Expression and Purification According to the optimization conditions, amplification and multi-step purification are performed to obtain the target protein purification.
Protein Refolding If the expressed protein is inclusion body, then a number of refolding methods are performed to obtain the soluble target protein

Additional Services: We also provide tag-free protein expression and purification, (Tag-Free), Large-scale production, and endotoxin control and removal service.

Order Process

Please feel free to contact us/Consult Online/Fill in Protein expression service custom table and send mail to will contact you soon and provide services tailored to your needs.

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