Soluble Protein Expression service

Detai Biologics provide soluble protein expression service. It gets the protein that is close to the natural state. It is suitable for the low expression level of soluble protein and inclusion body or the protein can’t be folded properly.

Detai Biologics owns a self optimization platform for soluble protein expression which contains codon optimization, Selection of host bacteria, Optimization of expression conditions, soluble protein analysis, protein purification condition optimization, Guarante the solubility of protein.

Service description

Content Deliverable Timeline Price
Gene Synthesis & Sub Cloning Codon Optimization & Gene Synthesis Expression vector & strain;
soluble protein(quantity & purity);
experiment report & COA;
4-6 weeks inquiry
Sub Cloning
Protein expression optimization Expression condition optimization
Protein purification Obtain soluble protein

Service process

supernatant protein service

Strategy Principle Content
Codon optimization codon degeneracy Our in-house MaximaTM?codon optimization program is developed to solve the problems for soluble protein expression:

rare codon

t-RNA concentration

mRNA structure




Choose the best fit strain based on your protein of interest to improve soluble expression level of native folding protein Select suitable strains according to the characteristics of the protein:

Rosetta and BL21 Codon Plus strains: supply extra copies of rare tRNAs;

OrigamiB(DE3): facilitate disulfide bond formation and protein folding in the?E.coli cytoplasm;

BL21(DE3)-pLysS:Suitable for toxic proteins

Vectors Choose the best fit vector based on your protein of interest to improve soluble expression level of native folding protein pET:pET30a,pET28a

pCold: Suitable for low temperature expression

Optimization of expression conditions Optimization of a variety of conditions, to get soluble protein Optimization of the conditions for protein expression and purification:Expression temperature,Inducer concentration and so on
With Molecular chaperone expression Molecular chaperone:Molecular chaperone & Molecular chaperone Commonly used molecular partner has:




Inquiry and Order

Please feel free to contact us/Consult Online/Fill in "Protein expression service custom table" and send mail to will contact you soon and provide services tailored to your needs.

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