Protein Purification Tag Removal Service

Detai Biologics provides protein purification tag removal services. The protein that tag removal is consistent with the natural protein sequence information, which is more conducive to the crystallization of protein and function of the study.

  Tag Tag Removal
Effect On Protein Structure And Function Longer tag is not conducive to protein folding. Influence the structure and biological function of protein. The protein that tag removal is consistent with the natural protein sequence information
Immunogenicity Easy to produce non-specific antibodies, affectting the antibodies preparation Keep natural structure of protein
Protein Crystallization And X - ray Structure Additional amino acids (tag) may cause changes in the crystal structure, affecting the functional structure of the protein analysis. No additional amino acids, closer to the native protein conformation, more likely to crystallize
FAD’s Drug Approval Not easy to pass drug approval Easy to pass drug approval

Service Content

Content deliverable cycle
Protein Purification Tag Removal Protein purity(85% /90% /95%)
Tag Removal protein(1~2mg/2~5mg/5~10mg/>10mg)
Expression strain & expression plasmid

Remarks:Nanjing Detai Biologics also provides endotoxin remova, large-scale preparationand other additional services.

Case Study

protein purification cases

Taq-free protein purification–Target protein Protein V1 (~14.7Kd)
Lane 1: After the initial purification of the target protein and other protein, very close
Lane 2 – 15: After ion column, molecular sieve and hydrophobic column, Multi step purification, the target protein was isolated

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