Endotoxin Removal

Endotoxins or LPS are cell membrane components of Gram-negative bacteria (such as E. coli). A single E. coli cell contains about 2 million LPS molecules. At the stage of actively growing, E.coli cell sheds small amounts of endotoxins into its surroundings, however, large amounts can be released while it dies.

Why Need Endotoxin Removal?

Endotoxins can stimulate the mammalian immune system and activate complement by the alternative (properdin) pathway, resulting in a strong immune response such as shock, organ failure, tissue injury, disseminated intravascular coagulation, and even death. Endotoxins can also strongly influence transfection of DNA into primary cells, and lead to reduced transfection efficiencies.

DetaiBio has the expertise in endotoxin removal and detection service. Our advanced equipments, high skilled teams and professional technologies are available to offer you with a reliable and accurate endotoxin removal and detection service to meet your specific requirments.

Service Highlights

  • Comprehensive service: A full range of services from recombinant protein production to endotoxin removal.
  • Rich experience: We have successfully delivered >100 low-endotoxin (less than 0.01-0.1 EU/μg) protein production projects.

Service Content

Services Methods Timeline Price
Endotoxin Removal One-stop low-endotoxin protein production solution 4-6 weeks Inquire
Endotoxin Detection
  • Limulus amoebocyte lysate (LAL) gel-clot assay
  • LAL turbidimetric assay
  • LAL chromogenic assay
LAL chromogenic assay

Service Process

The process of endotoxin control starts from the basic experimental materials (such as instruments and reagents), stays with the all manipulation and it is finally achieved by multiple endotoxin removal methods. Using a variety of detection methods with high accuracy and sensitivity to meet individual client needs.

Endotoxin Removal

For each endotoxin removal project, we evaluate the target protein, estimate efficiency of removal and loss rate of target protein, and customize the most suitable protocol for each project. Then we perform the customized protocol to remove endotoxins from target proteins, followed by LAL assay.

Endotoxin Detection

The detection of endotoxin performs before and after endotoxin removal. The primary methods can be divided into qualitative (LAL gel-clot assay) or quantitative (LAL turbidimetric assay and LAL chromogenic assay).

The Principle of Endotoxin Removal

Endotoxins themselves are difficult to remove or inactivate because they are extremely heat and pH stable. They can be removed by some other ways.

  1. Due to negatively charged of the endotoxins (above a pH of 2.0), a positively charged membrane surface can remove endotoxin.
  2. The hydrophobic interaction of the lipid A component of the endotoxins and hydrophobic membrane, hydrophobic filter devices can be used for removing endotoxin from buffer/ionic solutions.
  3. Strong anion exchange chromatography has proven to be particularly effective at removing endotoxins from feedstreams becouse of the charged nature of endotoxins.

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