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Stable transfection is one way that mammalian cells express proteins. By stable transfection, the gene of your interest can be stably integrated into the cells of your interest. Finally, the cell line that stably integrates exogenous gene is obtained by screening.

Stable cell lines are not only the best choice for protein production, but also the best choice for research in a variety of fields, including signal transduction, ion channel, targeted screening of drug, and immunotherapeutic drug development.

DetaiBio provides two types of services for constructing stable cell lines, including:

  • The cell line construction service applies to research analysis: you can provide a variety of cells, so that we can quickly and efficiently build cell lines or cell pools to meet your requirements for research and analysis. We have cultured dozens of cell lines. To learn more, see the cell line construction page.
  • The cell line development service applies to industrial production: CHO cells are usually selected to construct cell lines for industrial production of proteins/antibodies. We can simplify the construction of stable cell line and save your time in R&D by using independently developed CHO cells and the DHFR/GS expression system.

Research VS. Production Cell Line

Component Cell Line for For Research Assay Cell Line for For Production
Plasmid linear DNA linear DNA
Cell CHO, HEK293, HeLa, M14, THP-1, BHK21, HFF-1, HepG2, MCF, Vero, AGS and more CHO
Timeline ~2 months ~5 months
Cost + +++
  • Target proteins: GPCRs, ion channels, membrane, enzymes and more
  • Cell-based assay
  • Other functional studies
  • Gene amplification for high producers
  • Recombinant protein production, mAbs, Fc fusion proteins, growth factors, membrane receptor ECDs and other soluble proteins

Why choose to construct cell lines?

  • Functional studies: the expression of genes in certain cells can be manipulated to study their function.
  • Drug screening: stable cell lines are crucial for drug screening in combinatorial chemical libraries.
  • Proteins for research: small amounts of proteins can be produced by transient transfection. However, it is not very cost effective if a large number of recombinant proteins shall be produced. Stable cell lines are a more ideal host for producing some highly desirable proteins.
  • Proteins/antibodies for drugs: stable cell lines are essential for FDA approval and can be used to prepare recombinant proteins, recombinant antibodies and vaccines for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes.

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