Natural protein purification services

Detai BiologicsprovidedNatural protein purification services and it will be publishedthe sequence information, physical and chemical properties and biological properties. And formulate the best purification programme and deliver the purified natural proteins.

Natural protein purification is a process of extracting high purity natural protein from natural samples.The composition of natural samples is complex.Purification process is generally to go through rough extraction, preliminary purification and fine purification.Natural protein purification methods include extraction, precipitation, centrifugation, chromatography.Chromatography methods include affinity chromatography, ion exchange, molecular sieve, hydrophobic chromatography and so on.High purity natural protein can be isolated by chromatography.

Delivery content:

Content Deliverable Timeline
Combined with the characteristic of the protein and the paper report to formulate the best purification programme. QC report of purified protein 2-3 weeks

Service description: You need to provide molecular weight of the target protein, protein buffer components, and the relevant documentation of the natural protein.

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