Recombinant protein purification Service

Detai Biologics can provides a variety of protein purification services,including:recombinant protein purification , Natural protein purification. Such us antibody,enzyme,growth factors,Membrane protein.

The goal of protein purification is to obtain high purity and high activity protein under high efficiency and high yield. The target protein is different, protein research purpose,Protein source, These factors lead to the selection of protein purification methods should also be different. We will analyze the physical and chemical characteristics and biological characteristics of the target protein (such as Solubility, charge, hydrophobicity,Molecular), According to the analysis results, choose the most suitable method.

We have advanced AKTA purification system and Ion column Molecular sieve, hydrophobic column and affinity column. Professional protein purification team, Using gel filtration, ion column, molecular sieve, affinity column, electrophoresis, covalent chromatography and other protein purification techniques for you to develop the most suitable protein purification program.

Recombinant protein purification service

Detai Biologics provides a variety of purification services,Meet different needs,if the protein needs structural analysis, it is necessary to abtain natural protein to purify protein, that needs gram or kilogram soluble protein:

bacterial soluble guarantee service
Guaranteed protein expression
You provide protein sequence, Detaibio optimization and gene synthesis, expression&purification to abtain soluble protein.
Taq-free protein purification
Taq-free protein purification
Comprehensive analysis of protein properties, Combined molecular sieve, ion column, hydrophobic chromatography, formulate the best purification programme.
Endotoxin removal and test
Endotoxin removal and test
Qualitative analysis of endotoxin & Semi quantitative analysis
Natural protein purification
Natural protein purification
Optimization of a variety of purification conditions,Easier access to natural protein
Protein fermetation service
Protein fermetation service
high cell density fermentation,Suitable for the production of industrial grade protein,At the same time, process flow optimization can be carried out.
Protein refold service
Protein refold service
According to the composition of E.coli codon optimize gene sequence, to improve the expression of success rate.

Protein purification service advantages

Protein purification serviceAdvanced AKTA purification system, suitable for purification of proteins from different sources. Multiple protein purification system (Affinity chromatography, ion exchange, molecular sieve, hydrophobic chromatography, HPLC) . We provide comprehensive protein purification analysis report and protein QC report.

Protein purification methods

purification methods content
Affinity chromatography Separated with the specificity between protein and ligand
Ion exchange chromatography The ion exchange agent and protein binding charge, By changing PH or increasing the ionic strength of the buffer elution of target protein
Gel filter chromatography Proteins are separated by protein molecularand shape
Hydrophobic chromatography Purified by reversible effect of protein and Hydrophobic ligand
HPLC High separation efficiency, high sensitivity, fast analysis

In general, the protein that we delivered are stored in the Tris buffer. If yuo need other requirement, we cna provide otners buffer or freeze drying service.

case stydy

case stydy

Taq-free protein purification -Target protein Protein V1 (~14.7Kd)
Lane 1: After the initial purification of the target protein and other protein, very close
Lane 2 – 15: After ion column, molecular sieve and hydrophobic column, Multi step purification, the target protein was isolated

protein expression systeme

* Bacteria Expression System
* Mammalian Expression System
* Yeast Expression System

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